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Rental Policy

Payments and Deposits

Rental Payment.

Guest will pay to Elk River R.V. Rentals a deposit in the amount of 50% of the total invoice fee (not including GST) at the time of Booking, and then the remaining rental fee plus the GST is due 30 days prior to Check-in Date. Payments will be made through cash, certified check, e-mail transfer, MasterCard, or Visa.


Cancellation Policy.

All cancellations will result in no refund of the deposit.


Damage Deposit.

Guest agrees to pay to Elk River R.V. Rentals a deposit in the amount of 100% of the rental fee (not including GST) upon Check-in Date as a Damage Deposit to be kept by Elk River R.V. Rentals until Check-out Date (provided there are no indications of potential damaged). Payment will be made through cash, certified check, e-mail transfer, MasterCard, or Visa made payable to Elk River R.V. Rentals.


Duties of Guest

Condition of the Trailer.

Guest will leave the Trailer in the same condition it was found at Check-in. In addition to this, the Guest will leave the place cleaned. Guest agrees that any items damaged during the stay (as observed by an Elk River R.V. Rental employee or cleaning contractors later) will be included in the final tally of any damages Guest is responsible for.



Guest understands that the place is a non-smoking unit, and agrees to smoke only outdoors. If the Guest’s party smokes in the Trailer, Elk River R.V. Rentals may deduct cleaning fees from the damage deposit in the amount of $250.


Damage from Pets.

Guest understands that the costs to repair any damages resulting from unattended or misbehaved pets belonging to the Guest or the Guest’s party will be deducted from damage deposit.


Lost and Stolen Items.

Elk River R.V. Rentals is not responsible for lost or stolen items of the Guests. Guest is responsible for the replacement cost of any stolen item from the premises during the course of the stay.


 Storms and Personal Property Damage.

Guest agrees that any kind of damage resulting to their party’s personal property due to storms, or acts of nature, or vandalism, or anything else unforeseen is their sole responsibility and none whatsoever of Elk River R.V. Rentals.



Upon checking into the trailer for your stay we ask that you take the time to fill out a quick check list. This will ensure that everything is there for your camping pleasure.
A quick walk through will let us know if we have missed anything or if there is anything not satisfactory. You may call us right away or make a note to let us know.
On Check-in a walkthrough of the Trailer will confirm the good, working, clean and functioning state of all items. Both an Elk River R.V. Rental representative and Guest will perform the walkthrough and make any special notes regarding any of these items and their state on this document along with initials to confirm.
Prior to Check-out, the Guest will have completed all duties and responsibilities to clean and have the premises in a state ready for a final walkthrough by an Elk River R.V. Rental representative. If the Representative finds all obligations have been filled and there is no indication of concern, the representative may decide to refund the damage deposit immediately. This decision is at the sole discretion of the representative.



Below is a list of items that Guest agrees to perform prior to Check-out and final walk through of premises by an Elk River R.V. Rental representative. The spirit of this is to leave the premises in the same condition it was found so that future guests may also enjoy it.

List of Cleaning Tasks to be performed before Check-out

• Pick-up any pet droppings left by pets brought by person(s) and dispose of droppings.
• Dispose of garbage.
• Place all laundry, (dish cloths, tea towels, and cleaning rags) in the bath tub.
• Sweep and mop all floors in the trailer. Best to use broom/mop, water and vinegar for this.
• Wipe down and clean counters, kitchen appliances, fridge, stove, and microwave.
• Wash and put away all dirty dishes, pots and pans.
• Remove all food from refrigerator and freezer and wipe down inside of the appliances with soap and water.
• Clean and wipe down the toilet, sinks, bath tub/shower. Best to use toilet brush provided.

The Guest understands that if he does not wish to fulfill these cleaning responsibilities there will be an additional fee charged equal to that charged by cleaning contractors hired to do the job on Guests behalf. Elk River R.V. Rentals will deduct these costs from damage deposit and provide a receipt. These charges will vary depending on the state of the trailer at the time of Check-out.
Note: Please notify us in advance if you decide to have cleaning staff perform these duties if you suspect additional cleaning or repair is necessary prior to next Guest’s Check-in Day, at time of Check-out.


Supplied by Elk River RV Rentals

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Dishes, Cutlery
  • Pots and Pans
  • Coffee Maker
  • Toaster
  • Toilet Paper
  • Basic First Aid Kit


Items that Guest Needs to Supply

  • Your own pillow, and bedding
  • Condiments, food, and beverages
  • Outdoor toys for children
  • Pet Supplies
  • Bug spray, sun block, medicine, and pharmaceutical and first aid supplies
  • Beach towels and other Camping Gear